Sage & Sea Salt Candle

Sage & Sea Salt Candle

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Woody sage is blended into citrusy middle notes and finished with a deep amber base, poured in a beautiful frosted ceramic vessel.  This is herbal, fresh and clean and is sure to be your new favorite if you love Sea Salt & Citrus! 

Near & Native is based locally here in Portland, Maine.  What began as a handmade jewelry company slowly grew to incorporate a line of coconut wax candles inspired by the woods, oceans, and mountains of our beautiful state.  

Bet you didn't know...

- during the refining process of coconut wax the scent is removed

- coconut wax has a relatively low melting point, which means your candle will not tunnel as you burn it

- Near & Native refills their vessels as well as any other vessel that you'd like to have filled for a discounted price.  You can drop off and pick up at our store.  For more information, visit