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Cypress Endless Candle
Cypress Endless Candle

Cypress Endless Candle

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The Endless Candle is a beautiful 13 oz vessel that is forever refillable with Near & Native's candle refill service for only $20 per refill. This clear glass tumbler is actually screenprinted, ensuring you can change up your fragrances with each refill without changing the label.

We have married our love of special, giftable items with our passion for sustainability and reuse. Candle refills are a win-win... your beautiful candle vessels can get a second act while reducing unnecessary waste in landfills and supporting the circular economy.

Fragrance Notes: 
Bergamot, Cedarwood, Clove

Wild bergamot & olive oil meets spicy clove and woody cypress for a balanced winter scent combination.

〰 13 oz clear vessel 
〰 Cotton Wick
〰 Coconut Soy Wax
〰 Compostable gift box in beautiful terracotta color
〰 Made in Maine
〰 Blend of fragrance oils & essential oils