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Air Chased Bangle

Air Chased Bangle

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This beautiful Brass Air Chased Bracelet is a stunning accessory that is sure to be a treasured piece in your jewelry collection. It is made from high quality brass and features an intricate air chasing design. The bracelet is lightweight and comfortable to wear, and its unique design ensures that it stands out from the crowd.  Hand made by Cutter Metal Works in Freeport, Maine.

Bracelet measures roughly 3/8" wide.

Sizes are based on wrist measurement.  Follow directions below to find the right size.

1. Use a flexible tape measure or a strip of paper, ribbon, or string.

2. Wrap the tape measure or paper strip all the way around your wrist just below the wrist bone where you would normally wear a bracelet.

3. If you're using a tape measure, read the measurement where the end of the tape measure meets the other end.

4. If you're using a paper strip or string, mark where the end of the strip or string meets the other end, then measure the length of the strip or string using a ruler or a tape measure. Record this measurment.

Pick the nearest measurement to your measured wrist size from the sizing options.